Sunday, 16 January 2011

Last word from the Skip.

For Team King today was not only the last day of the Scottish but also the last day of Team King in Junior competition.  Sadly, this is the end of Team King as we know it as I (Helen) am now too old for the juniors. 

I have had a really great time this season and I couldn't have hoped to have shared it with a better team.  So, Hazel, Eilidh and Sarah, thank you and I love you lots :) You have been an amazing team and even greater friends and I have the feeling this may not truly be the end of Team King.  I am going to miss playing with you but I'm really proud to have been your Skip.  

Fiona, thank you for agreeing to be our coach.  The help you gave us both last year and this year in Aberdeen was greatly appreciated and we couldn't have done it without you :)

Thanks to our sponsor Robert Wiseman Dairies and to all our family and friends for their support.

I already feel a bit lost knowing that my junior curling time is over.  Hopefully I will find a way onto the Ladies circuit next year and continue curling, time will tell. 

So, perhaps for the last time, that's all from me,

The Skip, Team King xoxo

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  1. There will be a lot of other people 'lost' out there if they cannot have their daily fix on the activities of Team King!